The Britton Lane Battlefield Map

A week after the battle of Britton's Lane an unidentified officer of the 20th Illinois Infantry drew a map of the battlefield to accompany an account of the action published in a camp newspaper.

An original copy of that newspaper, with the map, is located in the Illinois State Archives. The map, however, is in such poor condition it cannot be directly reproduced. The accompanying illustration is a copy of that map. The following description and map legend is taken directly from the original.

  1. Twentieth Illinois Regiment
  2. Thirtieth Illinois Regiment.
  3. Two pieces of Schwartz Battery.
  4. Rebel lines
  5. Britton's Lane
  6. Main Road
  7. Corn Fields.
  8. TimbeRavine.

A. Hill and second position of Federal troops. a. Rebels preparing to charge in our rear, but our troops had out generaled them and gained their new position - result, the rebels fire without wounding a man, while our shots emptied many saddles. ++ Hospital of the 20th in charge of Dr. Goodbraker.

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